Team Building on Liberty


Our team building program is designed to strengthen relationships in a relaxed, yet fun and adventuress manner.  We are perfect for a fun-loving staff looking to share a new experience together.

Option 1: Under direction from Captain Philip, the team will sail the boat and will be expected to perform the same tasks as any regular crew member. In rotation, each person will try his/her hand at steering, hoisting sails, serving, and tying knots.  Not only will this new experience bring your staff closer together, they will have a lot of fun working with each other in this dynamic way. $150 per person

Option 2: Sit back, relax, and chat while sailing with the wind at your back. $95 per person

Both options include beer, wine, soft drinks, and snacks. Catering options available – call for details!

“This was so much fun for the staff- Now another department wants to do it!”  -Bettina,‘Event Manager for Aya Healthcare’