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More Sailing Terms You Need to Know

Perhaps more so than any other profession or hobby in the world, sailing has a specialized language that is essential to understanding its particulars. Some of sailing language is cultural, with different names given to universally recognized objects or events, but much of it has to do with sailing technologies that exist in no other

Boating Terms You Need to Know

One thing you will find in the boating world is that it has a vocabulary all its own. Why is that? Speculation is that over the centuries, mariners were isolated for months and even years at a time, so they developed a common language somewhat independent of the rest of society. For whatever reason, it

Traditional Looks & Modern Safety

 “Liberty” represents a working boat which was used along the Maine coast from 1870’s to 1920’s. While historical looking, Liberty is not a museum piece; she has to pass stringent safety requirements to take you to sea. We have modern navigational devices, safety equipment and domestic facilities below decks. Liberty’s hull and design conform to

Belaying Pins

A belaying pin is a solid metal or wooden device used on traditionally rigged sailing vessels to secure lines of running rigging. Largely replaced on most modern vessels by cleats, they are still used, particularly on square rigged shipsA belaying pin is composed of a round handle and cylindrical shaft. The shaft is inserted into

Coiling Lines

Keeping a taut ship is a critical part of ensuring passenger, crew, and vessel safety while underway. This includes efficiently stowing lines. Line stowage is important on any type of vessel, but especially so on sailboats, simply because so many lines are used to operate the boat. A rat’s nest of lines on a deck


 Liberty is a Friendship sloop, a boat design that has been built all over New England for over a hundred years. The type is named after the town of Friendship, Maine, where builders such as Wilbur Morse brought them to the state of refinement that you see today. On the coast, they were built and


  Over the years’ sailors have come to depend on the knots that are used aboard the vessel for their safety and that of the vessel. There are probably several hundred various kinds of knots that can be. tied but for practical purposes a sailor needs to master only a few basic knots The word

Take Care of Your Skin while Boating

Being on the water is a wonderful experience, but conditions can be brutal on your body. You might think of heavy wind or drenching rain as the most dangerous conditions, but in reality it is the sun that is likely to cause you the most trouble. There is no shade on the water, except for

What is a traditional sailing vessel ?

 Traditional sailing boats typically use blocks and tackles rather than winches. Instead of aluminum and modern carbon materials to create towering masts, they often have mainmasts and topmasts carved from solid trees. Gaff rigged sloops have very complex rigs (sail arrangement) which maximizes their sail area using bowsprits, gaff spars and booms that extend beyond

Liberty’s First Sail

Hours of sanding, painting, wrench turning, and rigging have paid off. Liberty is in the water and sailing ! She was not an easy boat to restore but thanks to all who helped out we got the job done!