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Best Sightseeing in San Diego: part 6 Fleet Week!

San Diego is one of the major military hubs of our country and we always see plenty of naval, SEAL, border patrol, and Coast Guard activity on our San Diego harbor tours. Fleet Week is rapidly approaching and for the first time since 2008, there will be an Air and Sea Parade! Fleet Week Sea

Best Sightseeing on San Diego Bay: part 5

Cannon battles in the harbor!!! For real!!! Thanks to the Maritime Museum’s Festival of Sail, you can witness these old school battles in all their swash-buckling glory. From the museum: “Join the Tall Ship crews and revel in the experience of tall ship sailing while we engage opposing ships in a mock cannon battle on

Best Sightseeing on San Diego Bay Part 4

Best Sightseeing in San Diego Part 4: Military Ships! San Diego Bay is an extremely active harbor, shared by the military, Coast Guard, cargo ships, and li’l ol’ civilians like us. Watching the big ships in action is always a treat. This photo is of the United States Navy Nimitz-class supercarrier, the USS Carl Vinson.

Best Sightseeing on San Diego Bay: Part 3

ComicCon! Even you’re not the biggest fan, it is still a sight to behold. San Diego really goes all out to welcome the 110,000 fans that travel from all over to attend this mega-event.

Best Sightseeing on San Diego Bay: Part 2

One of my personal favorites is the sea lion… Did you know that they are part of the dog family? And that they have marked differences from seals? For example, Sea lions are brown, bark loudly, “walk” on land using their large flippers and have visible ear flaps. Seals have small flippers, wriggle on their bellies on land,

Best Sightseeing on San Diego Bay: No. 1

So, what is there to sightsee around San Diego harbor, anyway? This is the first of a mini-series; I’ll be posting great photos taken by us/of us while our guests are experiencing a typical sailing tour with us on San Diego Bay. Of course, there is nothing ‘typical’ about our active and beautiful harbor, or

Romantic 4th of July

Who knew the 4th of July could be so romantic?  A huge congrats to newly engaged Evan and Ashley! He proposed on our boat during San Diego’s Big Bay Boom fireworks show…guess what…She said ‘yes’! Way to go Evan;) San Diego sailing tours are always great and can be whatever you want them to be;

What our guests say about us

From Jay, a guest who reviewed us via Tripadvisor: “Great trip, great boat, great company!” Reviewed January 3, 2016 This was so much fun: antique sailboat going around the bay to catch a sunset. Great tour that got us close to the Midway Aircraft Carrier, Coronado Bridge, a sea lion sunning colony, a sunset over the

Anything for a signal!

While we love our marina, it is not exactly known for it’s incredble wifi. So, thanks to my good buddy Chris, who has geek talent beyond normal human range, we now have a signal! The signal showed strong at the dock, which is great, so we decided to try our luck around the bay. Not

San Diego Charter Company of the Year!

Little ol’ us, less than one year offering sailing tours around the harbor in our lovely traditional Liberty, won an award!  And what an award… read on (from Luxury Travel Guide): Congratulations Jessica! You have won Charter Company of the Year for San Diego, California in the 2016 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards! The awards program