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Sailing for Two

We are excited to launch a new sailing tour! Sailing for Two (or Couples Sail, if that applies;) You can reserve the whole boat for you and one other guest at a price that makes for a remarkably affordable romantic adventure; the changing colors of the sunset, an open bottle of white wine, seagulls flying overhead,

Dock and Dine on San Diego Bay

Did you know there are over 60 harbor-side restaurants in San Diego? Many of these locations have docks nearby that allow ‘visitor parking’ for boats. Perfect for those who have their own boat!  If not, you can hop aboard our Liberty and after your cruise, we’ll drop you at a location of your choice (then

Another Award?!

We have been honored once again with another award of excellence! We scored a win with Luxury Travels Awards over the summer for San Diego sailing companies, and now we are being recognized for our diligent small business practices.  It feels amazing to have our hard work acknowledged- many thanks to Best Businesses for this

Mayflower and…Speedwell?

Thanksgiving is almost here and it seems timely to remember the harrowing voyage of the Pilgrims and yes, non-Pilgrims, that came to start anew in an unforeseen wilderness across an ocean.  Did you know there were to be 2 ships, the other named Speedwell, which began to sink? All passengers that didn’t turn back then

Space Is an Ocean

For better or worse, JJ, the Captain’s wife and crew member extraordinaire,  is a sci-fi fan. She saw this article from a site called TV Tropes and thought other sci-fi fans might get a ‘Big Bang Theory’ out of it… Maybe it’s the romance, maybe it’s the adventure, maybe it’s the obvious parallels to the

Best sightseeing in San Diego part 7

Did you know that all bananas for the 11-most-western states are distributed from San Diego? A ‘banana boat’ arrives every Monday in San Diego from its travels from South/Central America. Trucks are loaded and we get our daily doses of potassium. Notice in the second picture the ring hanging on the line.  Can you guess why

Birthday Sail

We treated ourselves to a night on the boat for my birthday. It was such a special night… Just Captain Phil, me, our son Hobie, and his best friend Maya. We sailed across the bay at sunset and anchored by Glorietta Bay in Coronado. We had such a lovely time and wonderful sleep! There’s something


Thanks to Carole from Sail Jada for this picture! It really shows off Liberty’s classic, sleek design. It’s not the clearest picture, but that’s because we are MOVIN’. May the wind always be at your back…

Guess the Movie!

Thanks to Tim Gmeiner at SoundRzn, an awesome local graphic and sound design studio, for this hilariously photo-shopped image, starring our very own Captain Philip. Yes, the boat is a Friendship Sloop – no, it is not the Liberty, but it is prominently featured (and destroyed!) in the final scene of a 1998 movie. Can

New favorite photos

A member of the crew of the Maritime Museum’s cannonball battle was kind enough to take these photos and then, took the time to track us down and send them to us! They really capture the spirit of sailing on a Friendship Sloop:)