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Captain Philip’s least favorite movie scene

Yep, even Captain Philip watches movies, when he’s not sailing or watching reality fishing shows that take place in cold climates. One of the most heartbreaking scenes for him is Truman sailing through the storm that, while symbolizing the struggle to break out of whatever is keeping you boxed in, wrecks a beautiful sailboat. Can

Crossing the Atlantic, for Kids

We received a National Geographic subscription for Christmas (love it!) and I checked out their website- found cool educational activities for kids… this one’s about crossing the Atlantic:

Captain Phil’s Friend-Recommended Restaurant List

We are constantly getting asked (we meaning Captain Phil) are restaurant recommendations. So, I put a shout out to our local friends and they delivered – I didn’t even have to leave a tip!I’ll post a different section from the list every couple of days (there are 8, or should I say…ate?) Burgers 1.      Hodad’s

San Diego Sunken Boat Mystery!

There we were, sailing along, heading peacefully out to the open ocean, when… Holy Smokes, a sunken sailboat, right off of our very own Point Loma! Not much is known, except that it obviously sank very recently and is a schooner… Let us know if you know anything!

Parade of Lights!

We had such a lovely time with Shannon and her family. What a great birthday gift for her 14 year-old daughter! I wish my iphone could take better pictures, but here’s one boat that came out pretty well…? I like it because it expressed the pirate theme of the parade very well:) Only 1 private

One charter left for Dec 17 Parade of Lights!

We have one charter left for this spectacular holiday event! The Parade of Lights is on 2 nights: Dec 10 and 17 starting at 5:00. December 10 is booked, but there is time (for now) to book for a private holiday event. Individual tickets are currently available as well, but they won’t last long!Skip the

Our 15 minutes of fame!

     Our 15 minutes of fame (or 5- it’s not too long;)…/meet-sail-liberty-harbor-island/ Our hard work and excellent reputation led to a customer recommending us to this online magazine for an interview- sweet!

Panoramic View

Captain Phil takes a moment to enjoy the sunset himself!  Great shot of the USS Midway and downtown San Diego.