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Varnish away, my boys…Varniiiiish away!

Liberty truly is a diva, but caring for her is a labor of love. And takes lot of sand paper. And varnish. And This American Life podcasts.#thisamericanlife #sailingsandiego

Mother’s Day Treat

How does this sound: sailing in the sunshine, spotting wildlife and landmarks, sharing snacks and stories, and getting to know more about San Diego Bay… Together we can create a memory that will last a lifetime! Join us on a sailing adventure on the most beautiful sailboat on the harbor (and get major brownie points;)  I mean,

A Sweet memory…

Joined the Friendship Sloop Society on FB and shared some photos and got this sweet response: ‘I have very fond memories growing up on Liberty with my family. She’s a real beauty for sure!’ This was written by the daughter of the guy who commissioned Liberty to be built!! Now my son will have the same experience, though

Wax on, wax off

Well, Liberty’s out of the water and getting a real spa treatment this time!  Her bottom paint was as worn down and needed to be redone (this happens about every 3 years). This ‘down time’ gave us the opportunity to polish her up, fix a water filter, get the sails maintained, and paint the rub

Low Rails on purpose

This is a great shot of a team building group we took out last week. Notice how low the rails are? This is intentional as, being a early 20th-century model from New England, she was designed for lobster fishing. The low rails make it easier for the traps to be hauled over the side.  

Before and After

Took some time to give our diva Liberty some nail polish. Six coats over six days, with sanding in between each coat. Can’t say it was easy, but it was satisfying!

Such a great sail

We don’t post enough pictures of our time on the water, mainly because Captain Phil is to busy catching the wind and watching out for other boaters…  His first mate (aka the wife, me), went out with a crew yesterday and we had a blast. I can still feel the sun and sea spray and

Captain Philip’s least favorite movie scene

Yep, even Captain Philip watches movies, when he’s not sailing or watching reality fishing shows that take place in cold climates. One of the most heartbreaking scenes for him is Truman sailing through the storm that, while symbolizing the struggle to break out of whatever is keeping you boxed in, wrecks a beautiful sailboat. Can