Harbor Island

This is where Liberty calls home and the island has an unusual start, in no small part because San Diego has been, and probably always will be, a military town.

Harbor Island is, in fact,  a man-made island which was built in 1961 by the United States Navy. Harbor Island is a long strip of island which was only made as a result of harbor dredging.

Now the island is home to various fine dining restaurants and two high-rising hotels, as well as a few marinas like the one where we reside, Sunroad Marina. For a quick escape from the city, you can go to Harbor Island and enjoy seaside dining at its best. 

Back then, Harbor Island played at important role in deepening the berths for military ships to dock on. It was built with more than 10 million cubic yards of sand, mud and other materials. Nowadays, Harbor Island is an upscale destination which undeniably helps the economy from tourism alone. Locals are also provided jobs because of the many establishments found in the area.

However, upgrades are in the works… Click here to read what the Port of San Diego has in mind. Have you noticed the changes at the end of Broadway and the addition of the new park? Well, look out Harbor Island and Seaport Village; the winds of change are upon us! 


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