Space Is an Ocean

“When ships to sail the void between the stars have been invented there will also be men who come forward to sail those ships.” — Johannes Kepler

For better or worse, JJ, the Captain’s wife and crew member extraordinaire,  is a sci-fi fan. She saw this article from a site called TV Tropes and thought other sci-fi fans might get a ‘Big Bang Theory’ out of it…

Maybe it’s the romance, maybe it’s the adventure, maybe it’s the obvious parallels to the Age of Exploration, but for some reason, when people write about space, they tend to make parallels to the sea, as President Kennedy (himself a former naval officer) did in his “Space is the new ocean” speech. Often, it goes far beyond metaphor. Science Fiction writers frequently use nautical analogies for pretty much everything in space, and fill in the gaps in their own knowledge about spaceflight with details specific to sea travel.

For example…

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